Best Single Stage Snow Blower

If you’re looking for the best single stage snow blower, read on to learn more about the best options available.

Snowfall can look really beautiful and peaceful. But the real deal starts after that. Snow-cladded roads can be a problem, especially, if it is on your pathways or driveways. You have to make sure that you could clear the snow effectively and can go ahead.

It is not easy to clean the snow without the help of a dedicated tool or equipment to do that. This is where a snow blower can come really handy. You will be able to clean the snow from your pathways and driveways effectively.

Most of the time, a single stage snow blower can be enough for cleaning the snow in front of your house. To know more about this snow blower and how you can find the best one, read on.

Best Single Stage Snow Blower

What is single stage snow blower?

The single stage blowers are perfect for cleaning moderate or light snowfalls effectively. They are designed to tackle medium snow cover with complete ease. This tool can also clear the snow on your driveways and pathways along with the pavements.

These blowers have a combination of a powerful engine and rubber auger that can efficiently scoop the snow up and then discharge the snow through the chute in one single motion. Hence, the name is single stage blower.

Difference between single stage and two stage snow blowers?

While you are shopping for a snow blower, you must have noticed that there are two popular variations available. One is the single stage snow blower and the other one is the two stage snow blower. Are you wondering what the differences between these two variations are?

It is quite simple. In the single stage blower machine, the auger helps in cutting the snow as well as blowing it through the chute to discharge the snow. However, in the two stage snow blower, there are two augers.

While one auger is responsible for sucking up the snow or breaking it down while another auger works as the impeller for moving the snow out through the chute.

Another difference that you will notice is the difference in appearance. While the single stage blowers are quite compact in size, the two stage blowers are a bit bulkier than them. So, it is quite easy to handle the single stage blowers when it comes to maneuvering.

It also comes with much simpler and easier-to-understand controls than that of the two stage snow blowers. 

How to choose the best single stage snow blower?

How to choose the best single stage snow blower

Are you looking for the best snow blower for your use? Well, you are at the right place. Here is a detailed guide on how you can choose the best single stage machine for blowing off the snow from your driveways and pathways.

Corded or cordless

This is one of the common choices that people have to face. While electric snow blowers or corded ones can be a great option, cords can limit the movement. With the help of the cordless snow blowers, you may easily port the machine anywhere for use.

When you have to use the snowblower somewhere far from the electric output, a cordless snow blower can be more beneficial than a corded one. With the cordless battery-operated snow blowers, you could easily use them anywhere.

Entry-level or professional-grade

Yes, there are variations even in the single stage machines for blowing snow. One is the entry-level one which is generally used for residential purposes to clear the snow of a smaller area.

Another one is a professional single stage blower which is light in weight yet rugged and can handle a larger area. Choosing the right one depends on your needs and preferences.

Weight and Size

The next things that you have to consider while you are choosing the best snow blower from the market are – weight and size. A lightweight and compact size of the blower can help to easily maneuver the blower according to your needs.

It can also help you to port from one place to another. Bulky and heavy snow blowers can be quite difficult for you to manage or to get the work done smoothly.

Cleaning area

It is very important to consider this factor when you are shopping for a snow blower. You have to look at the depth as well as the width of the cleaning area when you are using the snow blower.

This can be useful for you to evaluate how many times you have passed the snow blower for cleaning the snow from your sidewalk, pathway and driveway.

Controls and adjustments

The next thing that you have to consider is whether or not you can control the speed or the chute of the blower. You could easily control the snow blower by making some adjustments.

You have to see if the snow blower you are trying to buy comes with those options or not. You have to ensure that you can control the speed and chute effectively for the perfect cleaning of snow.

Top single stage snow blower reviews

Top single stage snow blower

Snow Joe 18 inches Electric Snow Blower

Easy to Assemble

Are you looking for the best snow blower? Then this is one of the best ones available with 15 amp capacity.

It is an 18-inch blower with a headlight for working even when the light is low.

It is equipped with the best in class 4-blade steel auger.

Worx 40 volt 20 inches Snow Blower

Light weight

If you are looking for a battery-operated snow blower, then this is the one you can opt for.

It is a 20 inches cordless snow blower with a brushless motor.

It comes along with the battery and charger. The rotary auger is quite effective in clearing snow.

Ego 21 inches Cordless Snow Blower

Another battery-operated snow blower that you can invest in is this one.

This snow blower comes along with a strong and effective auger that can easily cut through the snow.

This comes along with a robust chassis for much more heavy-duty functionality.


When it comes to choosing the best and the most effective single stage blower, you have to keep all these important points in your mind. Also, it can be quite helpful to you if you can choose one of these above-mentioned snow blowers as they are the best ones available in the market right now.

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