Cordless Electric Snow Blower: Not All Are Equal

If you’re in the market for a cordless electric snow blower, this article should help you find the right one for you and your needs.

Unfortunately, it can get a bit confusing because there are so many different types of snow blowers: single-stage, two-stage, three-stage, gas, and electric snow blowers.

So where do you start?

If you are thinking about investing in a snow blower, we highly recommend that you consider a cordless electric snow blower. But, only if it fits what you need it for. Let’s discuss…

What exactly is a cordless electric snow blower?

Cordless Snow Blower

An electric snow blower is highly recommended as it is easy to start (easy push-button operation) and can operate without gas. So, if you opt for an electric model, you won’t have to worry about getting gas, draining it, changing oil, etc.

Because you’re looking into an electric snow blower, they come in two different kinds.

Corded and Cordless. 

The cordless one will be the better choice for you because of all the benefits it has to offer.

This battery-powered snow blower is available as a single-stage and two-stage model. They can be as powerful as gas powered snow blowers. But unlike the gas models, this one can get the job done faster without producing fumes and noise.

They’re also easy to move around as there will be no restriction caused by the presence of a cord, making the snow removing process uncomplicated and effective. 

How to find the right cordless electric snow blower for you?

Best Cordless Snow Blower

As they are quite popular, you will find many well-loved and well-known manufacturers and sellers offering different kinds of cordless models with different features at different price ranges. 

However, it’s important to note that not every snow blower is the same. Some models are superior to others containing more advantageous features. The best thing about these superior cordless models is that the price is kept reasonable and affordable. 

Finding the best electric snow blower isn’t that hard. All you have to do is check if they provide all the features that make it a good value for the money.

Next, the features that are present in all the best quality electric snow blowers (cordless) have been mentioned so that you can pick the right one for you.

Power source

You have to consider the power source before purchasing. To make sure you can get the best end result, go for a powerful model with a rechargeable battery that has a high voltage capacity. The best ones tend to have 56V or higher voltage capacity.

Battery type

Your options are lead-acid, nickel-cadmium, and lithium-ion batteries. Most cordless models come with the lithium-ion battery type.

Cordless Snow Blower Battery

It will be the right choice to go for as this reliable type uses advanced technology, lasts and runs longer, and is easy to charge.

Battery capacity

Battery capacity from 2.0Ah to 7.5Ah is available in the market currently for cordless models. To get the best one, choose a model with a capacity of 4.0Ah or more as it ensures a better performance.

Motor power

The higher the motor power, the better will be the performance of the cordless electric snow blower. You can get the power rating of the snow blower as 80 volts from a battery.

Typically, the higher the capacity, the higher will be the price. A snow blower with around 40 volts from the battery will work for the majority of residential use. 

Cordless Electric Snow Blower Auger Blades

Auger blades are made with rubber, plastic, and steel in different cordless models. Go for the steel one as it performs better and happens to be more durable. 

When buying a cordless model, you have to consider the number of auger blades provided. The more blades, the better and faster they will perform.

Lastly, consider the width or size of the auger blades. And don’t forget to measure tight spots before purchasing. The last thing you want is to get home and start using it, only to find you can’t reach every spot you needed to.

Intake height/cutting depth

Cordless Blower Intake Height

Do not be scared by the term “intake height”! It is nothing but the vertical height of the auger blades. You will need a cordless model with a larger cutting depth if it snows heavily in your area.

Try to stick between 7 and 12 inches for enhanced performance.

Snow clearance rate

Before purchasing, research the amount of snow that the cordless model can clear in a minute (measured in pounds per minute). For domestic use, go for a model that offers 300-700 pounds per minute clearance rate.

Chute control

The way you have to discharge the snow accumulated will depend on the conformation of your backyard/driveway and the direction of the wind.

Go for an electric (non-crank) adjustable chute for a more smooth and frictionless operation that will allow you to adjust the snow-throwing direction without stepping out or stopping the snow blower.

Cordless Electric Snow Blower: Single or Two Stage?

In most cases, a cordless electric snow blower can operate in two categories (single and dual-stage). For domestic use, the single-stage one will work adequately.

However, if you want a faster result, you have the option to choose a two-stage unit which is kind of a costlier, updated version of the single-stage model.


Cordless Snow Blower Wheels

Many first-time buyers overlook the size of the wheels when purchasing a cordless model. If the wheel size is ideal, then maneuvering the snow blower even in deep snow is possible without any issue.

Choose a cordless model that comes with at least an 8-inch wheel size for better performance instead of the standard 6-inch models.

Other features

There are some models that come with halogen or LED lights on the front of the cordless model. This type of blower can be used without any hassle during early morning hours or late nights. 

Some other features to look out for are a long handle, discharge shoot control, digital drive, exclusive warranties/guarantees, and a collection of different snow blower accessories like a rapid charger, multiple batteries, blower covers, etc.

Conclusion: Cordless Electric Snow Blower

There you have it; now, you know how to select the right cordless electric snow blower for you and your requirements.

So, what are you still doing here? Use the information provided above to get your hands on the best model without breaking the bank.

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