The Best Ego 2 Stage Snow Blower For 2022

Until recently, snowblowers running on battery power were only available on single-stage machines. However, that’s now changed with the new model from Ego that delivers a sheer performance of gas powered snow blowers but without the noise and fumes. The Ego SNT2405 2-stage snow blower tackles the toughest snow conditions that an ordinary snow plow leaves behind. 

So, get the job done fast with the 20-inch intake height and 24-inch clearing width to handle the deepest snow. With high efficient brushless motor and rugged construction, the Ego 2 stage snow blower is perhaps the best machine that you can have at the moment.

What Makes The Ego SNT2405 Awesome?

The Best Ego 2 Stage Snow Blower

To begin with, the Ego SNT2405 is easy to operate and you will find it immense pleasure while working with it. The dashboard controls are easily adaptable and you can get hold of the auger speed and adjust the drive in no time. Besides, you will be impressed with the distance and direction when the machine starts to throw the snow.

The levers that help maneuver the drive wheels and auger are pretty much straightforward and you will find them easy to use like most gas models. Pivoting the Ego SNT2405 is both easy and quick because of the independent wheels. 

Tech Specs of Ego 2 Stage Snow Blower

  • Peak Power technology that uses two Ego ARC lithium batteries of 56V
  • Intake height of 20 inches 
  • Clearing width of 24 inches
  • Handle adjustable to up to 3 different heights 
  • 50 feet throwing distance
  • Self-propelled variable speed with forwarding and reverse functions 
  • Heavy-duty weather-resistant construction to handle extreme conditions 
  • Auger control with variable speed
  • LED headlights for increased visibility in low-light conditions
  • Rear chute deflector with 200-degree control
  • Onboard cleanout tool
  • 5-year limited warranty

Ego SNT2405 Pros & Cons


  • Outstanding performance compared to similar gas models 
  • Excellent runtime with 7.5Ah batteries
  • 200-degree chute rotation
  • 5 auger speed
  • 5 chute angle stops
  • Ergonomic design compared to other battery-powered snow blowers
  • Better balance over the wheels
  • Lighter than similar gas-powered models


  • Sometimes the chute drifts while using
  • Might be expensive for some buyers
Ego SNT2405 Performance

Ego SNT2405 Performance

The Ego 2 stage snow blower SNT2405 is all about muscle and durability while making the machine easy to operate. It is the second battery-powered snow blow that hit the market in 2018. The machine comes equipped with a pair of 56V Arc Lithium batteries of 7.5Ah.

The batteries power two brushless motors: One drives the steel auger and impeller at variable speed, whereas the other one is used to power the wheels. On 2-stage machines, you can have an auger that is responsible to collect the snow, and a fan is used to discharge the same via a chute.

Because of the combined action, the machine can throw snow at a specific distance much faster. The SNT2405 can throw snow up to 50 feet while clearing a 24-inch path across your driveway. Moreover, the variable power settings help the snowblower to perform quick work in less time.

The 24-inch wide deck reduces the number of passes that you have to make. Because every storm has its intensity, you need different control options to suit the weather condition. Therefore, whether you are shifting snow from the shed to the driveway or clearing wet and heavy snow, and everything in between, the SNT2405 has you covered.

The Fastest Setting Of Ego 2 Stage Snow Blower

The fastest setting on the machine is for brisk walking speed. However, the lower speed setting is good for controlling the situation during operation. Like other snow blowers, if you come across a sidewalk crack or tough concrete joint under the snow, you may come to an unwanted halt.

Apart from that, the Ego SNT2405 is equipped with reverse gear as well. The best part about this feature is that you can get out of a slippery situation with ease. In addition, the knobby tires are perfect to grab anything in both reverse and forward gears making the work easier.

When you compare this machine with other popular snow blower models, you can find out that the unit never gets clogged even with wet snow around. That way, you won’t have to worry about the machine getting stopped when you are in the middle of something important. 

Ego 2 Stage Snow Blower Runtime

Ego 2 Stage Snow Blower Runtime

According to the company, the Ego SNT2405 has enough juice to clear snow of an 18-car driveway with 8-inches thick snow until the battery gets exhausted. With this amazing machine, you can clear slushy, wet snow in the driveways including sidewalks as well. Now, everyone will be happy with clean driveways.

However, the runtime might get impacted when you hear the motor working harder. In general, the situation might arrive when you hit frozen drifts or wet ice/snow. Moreover, the results will slightly vary depending on the exact snow conditions of a particular place. Still, the SNT2405 will stand out from the other battery-powered snow blowers.

When it comes to conserving battery power, the best way to achieve this feat is to maintain a decent auger speed. In short, it is best to keep the auger speed as low as you can. And, increase speed only when you hit heavy stuff or you notice the snow is pushed around rather than falling into the bucket.

What Happens When The Battery Loses All Its Power?

After the batteries are dead and need to charge, trekking back to your shed is a piece of cake on leveled sidewalks. But going uphill without the wheels assisting you during the climb seems like a chore. Despite that, it is easier compared to a gas-powered snowblower.

That’s because the version powered by gas is heavier than the SNT2045. However, if the gas runs out, you can refill the tank on the move and start your machine. Of course, you can grab a battery from another similar machine and start your unit instantly.


There is no denying that the Ego SNT2405 is the ultimate battery-powered snowblower that you can have as of now. Besides, if you have been waiting to replace a gas-powered snow blower for some time, the SNT2405 has the requisite power to make the transition. 

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