How To Drain Gas From Snowblower

If you keep the snowblower with fuel, it can produce corrosion of the metal. The water can mix with the gas to enhance this process. We have prepared a step-by-step guide on how to drain gas from snowblower.

A snowblower can help you remove heavy snow many times during the winter. It is crucial to store the snowblower the right way as it will increase the machine’s life. Fuel draining is an essential part of the storage process. Read our full article to learn everything you need to know to drain gas from snowblower.

Preparation to drain gas from snowblower

Preparation to drain gas from snowblower

You need to prepare tools, location, and snowblower for the fuel removal. You need a siphon pump, gloves, cleaning cloth, and reservoir container. It is also crucial to place the snowblower in a suitable location.

It is better to do the process in the open air as fuel can produce fumes. There should be no flame nearby because the fumes can catch fire. You can check the condition of the snowblower also.

All the switches must be off. If some heat is coming out of the snowblower, you can leave it to cool for some time.

Siphon testing

You can skip this step if you have used the siphon pump many times. Although siphon pumps are easy to operate, you should test them before draining the gas. You can take a liquid and test if the pump is draining it.

Tank cap removal

Snow Blower Tank Cap Removal

It is easy to find the tank cap as you had to add gas many times during the wintertime. You can remove the cap by rotating the tank cap. If the cap is stuck, you can use a cloth to ad more friction force.

A dry cloth can help you with cap opening. It is crucial to complete the process early after opening the cap because the tank will emit fumes after opening the cap.

Reservoir container preparation

You have to arrange a container that can hold the gas. If there is more gas in the snowblower gas tank, you may need a bigger reservoir container. When you start the process, The siphon pump will throw all the gas into the reservoir container,

Draining process: to drain gas from snowblower

Snow Blower Draining Process

If you have a mechanical siphon, you may need someone’s help to hold the siphon pipes. You can do the process alone if you have the electric siphon pump. The pump will take all the gas from the tank to transfer it to the reservoir.

You may need to remove the inlet pipe to take out all the gas. You can sweep all parts of the tank to ensure the removal of all gas.

Residue removal

It is impossible to remove all gas using the siphon pump only. Some gas will stay in the snowblower pipes. It is crucial to remove this part of gas also. You can start the snowblower and let it run for some time.

It should consume all gas after some time. When the snowblower turns off due to a gas shortage, you need to try to run it one more time. If it does not start, you have drained all the gas from the snowblower.

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