Single Stage Gas Snow Blower: 7 Things To Look For

Are you looking for a single stage gas snow blower perfect snow blower to help you during the cold, bitter months? If you’re not looking to spend a bunch of money and you know that you’ll be shoveling snow this year, this article will help to find the right snow blower for you.

Then a single stage gas snow blower maybe your brand new best friend! A single stage snow blower essentially works to throw the snow that it comes directly in contact with on the ground, into the air one time to clear it.

We all know that shopping for any expensive electrical equipment can be incredibly daunting, so we have compiled a list of the 7 things that you should look out for when shopping for your brand new single stage gas snow blower!

Gas Snow Blower

Single Stage Gas Snow Blower Grade:

Entry-Level, Mid-Grade, Or Professional

First, you need to decide which grade of single stage gas snow blower you will require, in order for the piece of equipment to fulfill your specific needs. You can either purchase an entry-level, mid-grade or professional model.

Of course, the entry-level model is the cheapest option of the three, with the professional model being the most expensive. But the more money that you are willing to spend on your snow blower, the greater model specifications you will receive.

The areas that tend to see the greatest improvements between model grades are the snow blowers; engine size, the snow height the blower can handle, the width of the area it will clear, and how far away the snow blower will throw the snow away.

Generally speaking, the larger the area you wish to clear, the more you should probably spend on a snow blower.

Corded Or Cordless

Yet another design feature that you should keep an eye out for is whether the snow blower you are looking at comes corded or cordless. In our opinion the best electric snow blower has no crod.

We have all been there when the wire that you are using is only just slightly not long enough. Sometimes you have to invest in an extension lead and then you have a mountain of wires that you just cannot control?

Not to worry! If you are looking to use your snow blower to clear a large area, then why not opt to purchase one that is cordless? It may end up costing you more money, but it is definitely worth it to avoid the inconvenience.

But, if you only need to clear a small area, then a cheaper corded model should work perfectly.

Corded Or Cordless Snow Blower

2 Or 4 Stroke

This may not be such a concern for those that are shopping around for a brand new or modern snow blower.

But for those that are bargain hunting, this may be a feature to keep an eye out for. Snow blowers that have two-stroke engines have to have an equal measure of oil added to the gas, which you must do yourself, in order for the oil to lubricate the crankcase.

Whereas, if you spend the extra money and purchase a 4-stroke engine, these snow blowers come with separate compartments which you do not need to deal with as the blower does the process itself.

If you do not think that you could correctly mix the two together, then perhaps a 4 stroke snow blower is the better option for you.

An Electric Start Or Coiled Start

We know that moving around a snow blower is not always an easy task. So, if you can easily maneuver your snow blower, then this particular feature may not be as much of a concern for you.

But, if mobility and strength are a struggle for you, then there is something you can do to make operating your snow blower an easier task. Opting for a model that has an electric start, rather than a coiled start, will make the usually difficult starting process a lot easier for you.

But, if you have the strength, you can always save yourself some money and opt for the traditional coiled start.

Chute Rotation

Again, similar to the start mechanism, your chute rotation can be a difficult manual task. If you are on the lookout for all the features that will make operating your snow blower as easy as possible, then we have the perfect solution.

Yet another improvement that is seen between the three different grades of the single stage gas snow blower (that we have previously mentioned above), is that the chute sophistication gets better the more you spend.

Cranking your snow chute can be one of the most labor-intensive, and honestly annoying, aspects of using your snow blower. Opt for a mid-grade to professional model to make it easier for you.

Snow Blower Chute Rotation

Clearing Width And Height

As we have mentioned above in the snow blower model section, similar to the chute rotation, the better model of single stage gas powered snow blower you purchase. The better the clearance width and height your snow blower will have.

The standard seen across most brands of single stage gas snow blowers sees them to typically clear 8 to 12 inches of snow (in height), for a width of around 18 to 22 inches at a time. Again, the better spec snow blower you purchase, the higher on these scales your snow blower will be.

Single Stage Gas Snow Blower: Surfaces

Our last feature that you must look out for when purchasing your single stage gas snow blower is the surface that you can use your snow blower on.

Thankfully, when it comes to this specific type of snow blower, the surface capabilities are quite easy to remember. For single stage snow blower’s you should really only use them on paved areas. You should especially not use them on gravel surfaces.

This is because the stones that you would be sending quite a significant distance in the air would have a high probability of either injuring you or someone walking nearby.

Conclusion: Single Stage Gas Snow Blower

That concludes our guide to the 7 things to look for in a single stage gas snow blower. Ultimately, when you are shopping for your ideal snow blower, you are making sure that it can fulfill your desired criteria.

Whether that is the height of the snow you wish it to clear, or the width of the snow blower so that you can clear your path as quickly as possible.

And there are also a variety of unique features that you can choose between to ensure that your snow blower is as easy as possible for you to operate.

From the chute rotation, starting mechanism, or its corded or cordless nature. You will definitely find either the entry-level, mid-grade, or professional single stage gas snow blower that will meet your criteria and price point.

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