Three Stage Snow Blower: What You Should Know

A three stage snow blower is an efficient way to clear snow from a driveway or walkway. It starts by clearing a small area quickly, then moves on to a larger area, and finally clears the entire path.

The challenge of having to scoop up all that snow from your driveway or parking lot can be a hassle, especially if you get lots of snow every winter.

But a quality snow blower can make all the difference, as it makes it easier for you to clear the snow. But not all snow blowers are identical to each other. Some blower models come with more detailed mechanisms that help you effectively move snow out of the way.

One such example to see involves a three stage snow blower. A three stage snow blower is an advanced model that uses more horsepower and blows the snow out of the way faster than a single or double-stage unit.

It is convenient for people who have more extensive snow blowing needs, but it will require further maintenance and care to ensure it works.

Three Stage Snow Blower Design

Three stage snow blower design

A three stage snow blower features a body that helps you push out more snow in less time. Here’s a look at the three stages the blower uses:

  1. An accelerator works in front of the drills to break up the snow and ice.
  2. A series of drills will collect snow and ice inside the blower. The design helps move the snow into the center of the blower.
  3. The snow and ice will go through the impeller and then out of a discharge chute. You’ll need to position the chute in the proper direction to ensure the snow lands in the right spot.

The design of your three stage snow blower provides a convenient approach to work that ensures you can handle more snow at a time. 

Why Is a Three Stage Snow Blower So Beneficial?

Three Stage Snow Blower Are Beneficial

There are many reasons why a three stage snow blower can be ideal for your snow clearing needs:

  • The drills can be positioned to keep the snow it collects inside the blower. The design produces clean results, as it will not cause bits of snow and ice to spread around while you pick things up.
  • The accelerator can move more snow and ice through the machine in less time. Since it can process more snow, you could potentially handle more snow at once.
  • The additional parts inside the blower can also throw snow further than a basic model. This feature is ideal for parking lots and other massive spaces.

What To Measure When Finding a Three Stage Snow Blower

You’ll need to look at many points when reviewing how a three stage snow blower can work:

  • Snow Height – A blower can handle snow up to a certain height. The height can be at least 16 inches in many situations. You may need to go through a spot multiple times if the snow is too high, or you might have to manually clear off a small bit of snow.
  • Clearing Width – The width entails how much of a path your blower can handle at once. Many three stage models feature adjustable designs that can cover widths from 20 to 30 inches, although the specifics will vary by model.
  • How Far the Blower Throws Snow – The accelerator helps you through snow further than a standard blower. You could throw the snow 40 feet or further in many situations. The device should also include a control to help you adjust how far the snow will travel.
  • Materials It Can Handle – While a there stage snow blower can easily handle snow and ice, you’ll need to ensure your model can handle hard or wet materials. The stronger body of a three stage blower can manage more items, but be sure you check how a specific model works first.
  • Surfaces It Supports – A blower is intended for use on pavement and gravel surfaces. Some three stage blowers can work on grass, but you’d have to adjust the skid shoes on the blower to create space between the grass and the blower to prevent the machine from tearing up your grass.
  • How It Propels – A self-propelled model is useful for helping you get through tough spots. You can use a control to automatically move the wheels forward through the snow, with some models letting you adjust the speed.

How Is It Powered?

Some three stage snow blowers are electric-powered models. These blowers are easier to manage because you won’t require oil and fuel for power.

But you will need to ensure your blower is plugged into a suitable outlet. Your blower will require an outdoor extension cord rated at or over the amperage of the blower.

For example, if you have a blower with a 15 amp motor, you will require an extension cord rated to handle at least 15 amps. Any cords that are too weak will keep the motor from working as well.

Electric Powered Snow Blower

Managing a Three Stage Snow Blower

As ideal as a three stage snow blower can be for your use, you’ll need to watch how you manage the blower. Here are a few things to watch for when getting a blower ready:

  • Weight – A three stage snow blower can easily weigh more than 100 pounds, making it harder for some people to push.
  • Parts – The additional parts inside a three stage model will require regular maintenance. You’ll need to check the skid shoes and shave plates at least once a month to ensure the blower works well.
  • Storage – The bulky body of a blower can make it hard to store. Some models have collapsible parts that can help you keep the footprint down.
  • Cleaning Needs – Regular cleanings are critical for the success of your snow blower. In addition to cleaning it each month, you’ll also need to clean it again before putting it away after the winter and again as the season first starts.

A Final Word

A three stage snow blower is an exciting tool you can use to help you clear snow and ice from your driveway, parking lot, or any other spot that requires help.

You will appreciate how well it works, but be sure you review what a blower is capable of doing before buying one. Don’t forget to ensure you maintain the blower well.

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