What Is A Single Stage Snow Blower

When you want to know the answer to the question “What is a single stage snow blower?“, you should first know the types of snow blowers available on the market.

When you want to remove snow from the front walks, pathways, and driveways, a snow blower is the best machine for the purpose. The tool and equipment can be commonly found in people living in areas with heavy snowfall.

Let’s move on to see the type of snow blower available on the market.

Types of Snow-blowers

The Two Major Types of Snow Blowers

Often called “snow throwers“, the snow blowers are of two kinds. These two kinds or types snow blower are differentiated based on an important component of the machine called the “auger”.

An auger is a component of a snowblower and has the shape of a large corkscrew. The component pulls the snow up from the ground so that it can be thrown away.

Single or One Stage Snow Blower

In this kind of snow blower, the auger is responsible for pulling as well as discharging the snow collected from the ground. The snow can be discharged to a maximum distance of approximately 40 inches when you use this machine.

The auger of the machine will touch the ground and therefore is covered by rubber for protection.

Two Stage Snow Blower

In the two-stage snow blower model, the auger is responsible only for pulling the snow from a surface and ground. Two stage models have the second component called “impeller” that will be responsible for discharging the snow.

A two-stage snow blower can discharge snow up to a distance of 60 inches. The auger of the machine is made of metal and does not touch the ground. The latter can be used on all kinds of surfaces.

One Stage Snow-blower Models

Know More About the Single or One Stage Snow Blower Models

A single or one-stage snow blower is called so because it will pull and throw the snow away through a single component called augur. The auger is made of hard rubber or plastic and comes in direct contact with the ground.

It is the reason why these snow blowers cannot be used on gravel surfaces. Their two-stage counterpart can be used on gravel surfaces as well as it has its auger made of metal. When moved on the ground, the single stage snow blower will clear the whole ground and surface area.

Homeowners often prefer the single or uni-stage snow blower models as they are of appropriate size and more affordable. You can clear your entire sidewalk and remove all the snow in two passes.

These snow blowers are also lightweight when compared to the other two stage models. Therefore, you do not think and feel that you are pushing a big and heavy machine when you are clearing your driveways and sidewalks of snow.

The Different Grades/Models of Single or One Stage Snow Blowers

When you are a homeowner and someone who has to remove only small or moderate amounts of snow fast and easily, a single stage snow blower can fulfill all your requirements.

A single/one-stage snow blower is usually powered by gasoline, but there are electric and battery-powered models available as well. They are preferred in regions where snowfall is usually less than 10 inches. A single or one-stage snow blower comes in three different grades and varieties.

One Stage Snow blowers Blade

Entry-Level Single or Uni Stage Snow Blower

These snow blowers have an engine capacity of 208cc. They can clear snow up to 6 inches in height and 22 inches in width. They can be used on paved surfaces only and can throw the snow away up to 35 inches.

People who have a small drive or only have to pull away and clean the snow occasionally can use the entry-level single stage snow blowers. These are the most affordable option.

Mid Grade Single or One Stage Snow Blower

The engine capacity of this middle variety of snow blower is 250 cc. It can clear snow of heights up to 8 inches and width up to 24 inches. It can also be used on paved surfaces only and can throw snow away up to 40 inches.

The middle-grade snow blowers are more effective in cleaning, pulling, and throwing the snow away from any pathway. You can remove snow from your sidewalks and the driveways much faster when you use these more powerful machines.

Professional Grade Single or One Stage Snow Blower

The professional-grade single stage snow blowers come with an engine capacity of 212cc. They can clear snow up to a height of 8 inches and a width of 21 inches. Like all other singular stage snow-blowers, these are also usable on paved surfaces only. They can throw the snow away up to 35 inches.

A professional-grade snow blower is the most rugged variety that comes with a lightweight frame. This variety of snow blower is usually used by the landscaping service providers and their crew.

The snowblower can be used for the toughest jobs and comes with extended life pedals. They also have heavy-duty and more expensive drive belts that can ensure that they can be used for cleaning many of the properties in a day.

Corded Single Stage Blowers

Cordless and Corded Single or One Stage Blowers

A singular stage snow blower can also be classified into two varieties based on its power source. The cordless snow blowers are powered by a battery or gasoline. Some of the battery-powered snow blowers may also come with interchangeable batteries.

There are also cordless snow blowers that are powered by gas/gasoline. The cordless snow blowers can be preferred when you have long drives and pathways to clean. Extension cords are also not cheap and there are certain hassles associated with their use.

However, for the best capability, power, and portability you can choose the singular stage snow blower that is powered by gasoline. If you choose the latter option, you will have to ensure that it is maintained regularly and that you have enough gasoline available for it.

In other cases, you can choose the corded single stage snow blower that is powered by electricity.


A single prone stage snow blower can be used in a variety of situations and circumstances. They are a worthwhile option for homeowners. Especially the entry-level ones can fulfill all needs at an affordable cost.

The snow blowers can be also used by professional service providers and the landscaping crew. However, because the singular stage blowers can be used on paved surfaces only, you should keep in mind the type of surface you have to clean by using your snowblower before you buy one.

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