What Is A Two Stage Snow Blower?

Have you been wondering which kind of snow blower you need? Perhaps you have been researching a two stage snow blower, and want to find out more? If so, then you are in the right place! So, what is a two stage snow blower?

Well, it is the next step up from the single stage snow blower or electric versions that you can also get. But two stage snow blowers are nearly better in every way! They can be used on both gravel and paved surfaces.

Also, they can handle larger amounts of snow than their single-stage alternatives. Want to find out more? Read on below.

The Different Model Classes Of Two Stage Snow Blowers

Two Stage Snow Blower

As with any type of snow blower that you are looking at purchasing, they come in three different model classes. These are; entry-level, mid-grade, and professional.

Of course, entry-level snow blowers are considerably cheaper than their professional counterparts. But they do not come with as many features and lower specifications. To find out what each model type is capable of, read below.


The most basic model of the three, the entry-level two stage snow blower, is perfect for those that are not looking for much more performance than the standard one-stage snow blowers, but you wish to use it on an incline or on gravel.

As this model does not have as many complex features, this is also the perfect option for those that do not really enjoy using technology and do not want to break the bank in order to clear the snow from their path.

Entry-level two stage snow blowers will clear up to 16 inches of snow, can be used on gravel or paved surfaces, and can throw snow up to 40 feet in the air while clearing your path at a width of 20 to 30 inches.


Moving on to the mid-grade option, if you are looking for a snow blower that will be able to handle more than your standard entry-level, this will be perfect for you. Usually featuring halogen headlights and interlocking controls, you will get a little bit more special tech with this model.

The standard mid-grade two stage snow blowers will be able to throw snow up to 40 feet in the air, be able to clear paths at a width of 24 to 36 inches, can be used on paved or gravel surfaces, and can clear up to 18 inches of snow.

They are definitely stronger, heavier, and more durable than your entry-level models.


The final model option is also known as the professional two stage snow blowers. They are hard to find and will set you back a pretty penny. But you will not find a better model than this in the two stage snow blower range.

Built for heavy-duty usage, with cast-iron casing, and steel frames. You get all the same features from the mid-grade models, with the addition of remote deflectors as standard.

Professional two stage snow blowers will be able to throw snow 50 feet into the air, clear a path as wide as 24 to 36 inches, can be used on both paved and gravel surfaces, as well as clear snow as high as 18 inches. This beauty can do it all!

How Do Two Stage Snow Blowers Work?

How Do Two Stage Snow Blowers Work

Now that you know about the different model classes that the two stage snow blower has, you may be curious about how it works? Snow blowers tend to be quite expensive investments, so it is important to learn as much as possible about them in order to make an informed purchase.

This particular snow blower model got its name because it works in two ways to help you get rid of the snow that is in your way. First, the auger works to collect the snow. It then works by moving the snow to the center of the snow blower towards the impeller.

Once it arrives here, the second stage of the removal works to send the snow up the chute and out of the way. The impeller and auger work together to remove the snow, and even ice, from your walkways quicker than the single-stage snow blower alternative.

And if there is one thing that we all know, it’s that we wish to be out of the cold as soon as possible. So why waste more time clearing the snow than you have to?

What Are They Best At Doing?

Of course, there are a variety of different stage models that you can purchase. So, why do you specifically need to get the two stage snow blower? Well, we have listed below the features that are considered to be the best end-product value that the two stage snow blower can offer you:

  • Two stage snow blowers can handle any type of surface. One of the major drawbacks of the cheaper single-stage snow blower is that it can only be used on paved surfaces. This is not an issue for the two stage snow blower.
  • You also get a variety of new features with a two stage snow blower. These special features may include dual-trigger steering, heated handgrips, deflectors, freehand control, halogen lights, and interlocking controls.

Are Two Stage Snow Blowers Expensive?

Two Stage Snow Blowers Price

It is no secret that snow blowers generally are very expensive. They are large pieces of equipment that are expensive to make and require a lot of technical know-how. While there are cheaper options available on the market, for example, the best electric snow blower and single-stage snow blowers.

We believe that two stage snow blowers are a very wise investment. But, if you are planning to spend the extra money on a two stage snow blower, you may need to take into account that you might have to spend a lot.

Lower-end two stage snow blowers are considered by most to be only as good as high-end single-stage snow blowers. So, if you wish to obtain a high level of return on investment. You may need to get a more expensive model.

So, What Is A Two Stage Snow Blower?

You now know it’s named because of its dual method of removing snow that is blocking your walkways. They use an impeller and auger to remove snow and ice quicker and easier than other models, and you can even use this type of snow blower on gravel surfaces.

Like other snow blowers, you can purchase two stage snow blowers in three different model classes, the entry-level, mid-grade, and professional, depending on your budget and requirements.

The two stage snow blower is perfect for those wishing to spend less time snow blowing, and want a stronger, more durable, and effective snow blower.

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