What Size Snow Blower Do I Need? It All Depends On This

If you’ve ever wondered “what size snow blower do I need?”, hopefully, this post will help answer that for you. It’s funny but these types of questions always make me weary of what to write because is there ever really a “one size fits all” product?

The better question is probably more along the lines of… “What size snow blower do I need, for where I live.”

The reason is simple… if you only get 1 inch here and there, it makes no sense to buy a single or two stage snow blower. So, the first thing you should look for when choosing a suitable snow blower for your needs is the amount of snowfall daily/annually depending on the location where you live.

This is the only question you should ask yourself when it comes to searching for a new snow blower. Depending on the answer will determine which direction you should look.

Let’s start…

Snow Up To (6”) Two  Inches – Electric Snow Shovels

Electric Snow Shovels Machine

Living in a relatively moderate location where the annual snowfall is about six inches will not take much money and time from you.

Just the thought of buying stronger snow blowers is pretty much demotivating. Buying powerful snow blowers for this much snow is simply overkill. One of the best solutions is actually electric snow shovels that will do the job simply, efficiently, and without much noise.

You may need to have an extension cord that you can easily run to where you need to clear the area. The electric snow shovel will throw the snow it picks up a few feet away which is suitable in this instance.

Our Recommendations

  1. Snow Joe 323E Snow Shovel
  2. SuperHandy Snow Shovel
  3. Greenworks 16 In Corded Snow Shovel

All the listed electric snow shovels are exceptionally for relatively small amounts of snow. Snow Joe like the other two listed will clean your area all the way to the pavement, quickly and easily.

Of course, for larger amounts of snow, it will bother a bit, but by passing twice it will clear better. Certainly, you need stronger machines for larger amounts of snow.

Snow Up To (12”) Twelve Inches – Electric Snow Blowers

Twelve Inches - Electric Snow Blowers

Living in an area where about twelve inches of snowfall annually will require slightly better equipment. An electric snow shovel would help you but I wouldn’t call it super effective either.

One of the best solutions for this amount of snow is a single-stage snow blower that will throw out a good volume of snow. It is practical and efficient. You can use it by electric (battery) but also on fuel, which does not limit you to just using an electric alternative.

However, for this amount of snow, we recommend the best electric snow blower from below.

Our Recommendations

  1. Ego Power+ SNT2102 Review
  2. Greenworks Pro 80v Review
  3. Snow Joe SJ625e Review

The remaining two are a particularly desirable choice for a snow blower that will do the job they need.

Snow Up To (18”) Eighteen Inches – Single Stage Snow Blowers

You have probably run into problems when the snow is wet and heavy, so it constantly sticks to the shovel and just takes a lot of time to even get it off the shovel. Plus, who likes throwing their back out shoveling a driveway?

This amount of precipitation requires more serious equipment, e.g., a gas-powered single-stage snow blower which will give you more power than an electric blower and will be able to clear all wet and heavy snow.

This type of blower is not only designed for the flat ground but can also be used in many diverse types of places thanks to its powerful motor.

Our Recommendations

  1. Powersmart 212cc Review
  2. Briggs And Stratton 1022e Review
  3. Snow Joe SJ625e Review

All these products are strong, powerful, easy to maneuver and are used for larger amounts of snow that will throw out efficiently even over 20 feet.

The path they are creating is about eighteen to twenty-four inches wide and the need to cross the same path twice is gone. Each of these three listed above uses powerful engines with built-in speeds adaptable to your needs.

Snow Over (18”) Eighteen Inches – Two Stage Snow Blowers

Two Stage Snow Blowers Throw Around 18 Inch

Living in an area like this can be a challenge. I totally get it living in Wisconsin my entire life. At this point, it never surprises me how much it snows overnight.

Cold mornings, cold hands and 8 inches of snow can be a little daunting to think about. But using strong two-stage snow blowers that have an adjustable speed of snow removal will give you an amazingly good solution.

Is there anything better than a job done quickly and efficiently? Of course, two-stage snow blowers are very strong, but if you live in such an area where snow is constantly falling in large amounts, this is definitely for you.

Our Recommendations

  1. Husqvarna ST224 Review
  2. Ariens Deluxe 28 SHO Review
  3. Craftsman 208cc Review

All three listed are characterized by amazingly easy maneuvering, the use of controls, and especially adjustable wheels or tracks for precise movement of the machine on the snow.

The use of powerful engines ensures fast and accurate snow throwing over long distances, and cleans well and accurately. They are equipped with LED lights that illuminate the path you are walking on very well. 

So that is pretty much it.

Winters with a lot of snow could be challenging for everyone. There are always some unpredictable situations that you cannot avoid, such as being late for work due to heavy snow and everything else that can happen in the winter.

With these blowers, all you need to do is get up a few minutes earlier than you normally do to clear a track of a car-size to get out safely and to work on time.

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