Snow Blower Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed—2022

You’ve spent hours comparing models to find the perfect snow blower and now you hear about snow blower accessories. Is it worth it? What’s available on the market and should you really invest in these gadgets? 

Yes! A snow blower accessories can truly make all the difference in your experience when working outside in the snow. If the cold gets to you or you wish you can make the task easier, a simple gadget or attachment could be an easy solution. 

We discuss a few different types of snow blower accessories and help you discover the key to making snow clearing much more fun and effective than last winter. 

How Important Are Snow Blower Accessories?


Clearing away snow is no easy task. So, why not make it easier on yourself by investing in some accessories? With some of the items we reviewed, you’re guaranteed to:

  • Save time
  • Find the task more effortless
  • Enjoy the task more
  • Be safer clearing away snow

This makes snow blower accessories worth the extra expense.

What to Consider When Buying Snow Blower Accessories

Take the time to compare different snow blower accessories before you buy. Although there are some excellent gadgets available on the market, not all of them may work for you.

Firstly, make sure the accessory is suitable for your snow blower. For example, tire chains must fit well on your snow blower model’s wheels. Also snow blower cabs are usually suitable for a specific size machine. 

Furthermore, make sure your accessories won’t hamper your work and they must be suitable for you personally. Make sure gloves fit comfortably because it will determine how easily you handle controls and extension cords.

Different Types Of Snow Blower Accessories

Snow Blower Accessories

Snow Blower Cover

You’re paying a considerable amount for your snow blower, so make sure it lasts you as long as possible. During the summer months, while it’s in storage, many consumers leave snow blowers outside, creating the risk of debris, bird waste, and dust settling on and inside the machine.

This could affect its functioning, not to mention the effect of rain and the hot sun over a long period of time. 

Even inside your garage, it’s best to cover the snow blower so it’s safe from dust or accidental messes. And of course, with the cover keeping it clean, you won’t spend so much time getting it ready when you need to start using it again in winter. 

Snow blower covers come in different sizes and you don’t have to buy one from the same brand as your snow blower. Cover manufacturers often cater to all snow blowers on the market by using universal fits.

Features to consider:

  • Is the cover made of water-resistant fabric, so the machine will stay dry? 
  • Does the quality ensure it won’t shrink or stretch? This guarantees a good fit so it won’t blow off or be difficult to put in place. 
  • Look for quality details, such as double stitching and tear proof materials.
  • Make sure it fits your snow blower. Many of them are designed for a specific type.

Tough Cover Snow Blower Cover

Best For Larger machines

This snow blower cover is designed for two stage snow blowers. The universal fit will work with most of the well-known snow blower brands, including Snow Joe, Husqvarna and Toro.

The 600D marine-grade fabric won’t easily tear, the seams are double-stitched and it’s water-resistant.

You also get a handy snow blower cover bag. Storing it is easy during winter and it will still be in good condition to provide excellent protection once the snow season is over.


Dimensions: 70”(L) x 54”(W on side) x 30”(W in front) x 19”(H)

Tough Cover Snow Blower Cover
Tough Cover Snow Blower Cover

What People Like

Customers find it big enough for most two stage snow blowers and appreciate the good quality that provides excellent protection.

What People Dislike

Some clients find the sizing way too large. While it does cover the machine, there’s no snug fit with some blowers, which creates the risk of it being blown off or dust and debris getting inside. 

Himal Snow Thrower Cover

Best for Most Two Stage Snow Blowers

This one is also made for two stage snow blowers.

The manufacturer uses 300D polyester that provides a good layer of protection against the sun, moisture, and dust.

To make sure it stays on throughout the warmer months there’s an elastic rope at the bottom. 


Dimensions: 47”(L) x 32”(H) x 40”(W)

Himal Snow Thrower Cover
Himal Snow Thrower Cover
What People Like

This snow blower cover is appreciated for fitting well over the machines it was designed for. It’s easy to work with since it’s lightweight and clients like the cord keeping it in place. 

What People Dislike

Many people comment that it’s difficult to figure out what the best orientation is to use. 

Snow Blower Gloves

Yes, you can wear your regular winter gloves but snow blower gloves provide more protection that could be vital when working in very cold conditions. You’ll be protected from cold but also moisture and wind. To ensure you can work effectively and comfortably—instead of your hands feeling half frozen—pick a pair of snow blower gloves for next winter. 

Bellingham SB4601M Snow Blower Insulated Gloves

Best For Dexterity

Thanks to being double dipped in a PVC coating, your hands are well protected against moisture when working in the snow.

And if you often have extreme temperatures in your area, don’t worry because these will stay flexible and allow you to work comfortably even if temperatures drop.

Inside there are other comfort features such as a liner made of fleece. And to help you finish your outdoor tasks you’ll have a good grip thanks to the textured areas on the exterior. 

You may also appreciate the bright orange color, making sure others can see you when wind and snow create a low visibility environment. 

Bellingham SB4601M Snow Blower Insulated Gloves
Bellingham SB4601M Snow Blower Insulated Gloves
What People Like

Customers are impressed with the protection the gloves provide. They also find it easy to handle items in cold and wet conditions when wearing these. 

What People Dislike

Some clients do feel the fingers are a bit long and the cuff a bit short, so there’s less protection near the wrist.

OZERO Winter Gloves Snow Mittens

Best For Cold Weather

If you’re not particular about having gloves with fingers, consider these Ozero mittens. Inside you’ll find the design separates fingers, which can add dexterity when working on your snow blower.

The considerably long sleeves help prevent wind and moisture from reaching your sleeves, which is a major drawcard. It also makes them versatile, so you can use your snow blower accessory if you go fishing or snowboarding.

The mittens are also comfortable thanks to the cotton lining inside, with insulating layers and a nylon layer outside. Also, although they’re breathable they are still waterproof thanks to a TPU membrane.

There are even fine details that make a huge difference, such as the patch of cowhide added to the area between the thumb and forefinger. This is an area on a glove that often wears out, which this patch will prevent. As a result, these mittens can last you a considerable time.

What People Like

People comment on the comfort of these gloves and love the additional protection provided by the extra length on the cuffs. For most weather conditions they are sufficient to keep your hands warm. 

What People Dislike

Customers find the sizing runs small, so they may be tight if you order your regular size. They also tend to be stiff at the start, so will require some time to become comfortable and more flexible.

Snow Blower Cab

Instead of getting blasted with snow and wind while working in the cold, attach a snow blower cab to your machine. Making sure it can withstand the elements and easy DIY installation is a big win.

Guide Gear Snow Blower Cab

Best For Single And Two Stage Snow Blowers

If you have a single or two stage snow blower you can use this snow blower cab from Guide Gear.

It easily attaches in a few minutes, without even drilling into your snow blower or requiring anything more than tools found in most people’s garages. So, it’s very little effort to give you a more comfortable environment to work in.

Your protection comes from a cover that’s freeze resistant. Even the window sections won’t freeze over, so you’re given a clear view even in very cold conditions.

The poly plastic layers are kept in place with powder-coated steel which forms a frame and an enclosed area with ample space for you to work comfortably. 

Dimensions: 25” x 40” x 48”

Guide Gear Snow Blower Cab
Guide Gear Snow Blower Cab
What People Like

This one comes at a very good price and is fairly easy to install, although it requires some customization on certain snow blowers. 

What People Dislike

Being a lightweight cab, if the wind comes from the front you may find the cab is pushed into the user’s face. 

Craftsman SBD CMXGZAM241032 Deluxe Snow Cab

Best For Two And Three Stage Snow Blowers

For those who already have a Craftsman snow blower, this one will fit on all two and three stage models from the brand. Luckily, you can also try it for other brands’ blowers, including Toro, John Deere, and Cub Cadet. If it’s a medium or large model it should be easy to install. 

This one is made of fabric that’s tear-resistant and the clear vinyl windows provide good visibility to see around you. Craftsman also added reflective features in the fabric, so others can see you when working in low light conditions. 

The brand does think of the finer details, such as adding a zipper to allow light through if your snow blower has some LEDs on the front.

Craftsman SBD CMXGZAM241032 Deluxe Snow Cab
Craftsman SBD CMXGZAM241032 Deluxe Snow Cab
What People Like

Customers appreciate that the cab doesn’t easily fog up and most find it easy to install. 

What People Dislike

Individuals who aren’t that used to DIY projects may need a little help attaching them to their blowers. Some users also wish the height was adjustable, but this isn’t a dealbreaker—hopefully, the brand can work on this for future products.

Extension Cord

If you’re working with an electric snow blower, a proper extension cord, designed for outdoor use is vital. It allows you to easily travel across your property and clear away snow wherever is necessary, without the risk of being limited by the machine’s own cord.

You never know when you may want to help out a neighbor or need to clear snow down the street after a heavy storm. So, better to be prepared.

For this purchase, make sure the cord can withstand extreme temperatures.

Southwire 2589SW0002 Outdoor Cord

12 Gauge Outdoor Cord

Southwire gives you different options so you can decide whether you want 50ft or 100ft of freedom. The bright yellow color will be easy to see even when it’s getting dark.

The brand even designed this exterior casing to not leave marks on other surfaces. You can let it rub against a wall or door without damaging your property. 

An extension cord you use outside will undergo some heavy-duty handling. Luckily this one’s blades are reinforced, so they won’t easily bend. 

You’ll have no question whether it’s working or not, because the end lights up when it’s powered.

Power Joe 14/3 50-Feet SJTW Outdoor Extension Cord

14 Gauge Outdoor Cord

It may be smart to buy an extension cord from a brand that also manufactures snow blowers.

Power Joe is made by the same company that sells Snow Joe snow blowers. In temperatures ranging from -40°F to 140°F, this cord will work.

This one is also a bright yellow to make it more visible and the casing will keep out oil and moisture, while being very resistant to abrasions.

With a 2-year warranty, you can have peace of mind you’re buying quality.

To know it has power, just look for the indicator plug that will glow brightly.

Tire Chains

To stay in control of your snow blower, you want to prevent it from slipping on wet surfaces as much as possible. This gets even more important when you’re working on inclines. If you can improve your blower’s traction, it’s a great help. For this reason, tire chains are popular snow blower accessories

When buying yours, double-check the chains will be appropriate for your specific tires.

The ROP Shop | Pair of 2 Link Tire Chains

Best For Knobby Tires

These chains you can order in different sizes, so just pick your type when purchasing.

The set provides you with Zinc-plated chains and tighteners to help keep the chains in place. 

Many buyers find them a bit big, so make use of your tighteners or use some DIY skills to customize if necessary.

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The ROP Shop | Pair of 2 Link Tire Chains
The ROP Shop | Pair of 2 Link Tire Chains

Arnold 490-241-0028 16-Inch x 4.8-Inch Snow Thrower Tire Chains

Best For 16 x 4.8″ Tires

This set contains two chains that will add almost 3lb to the weight of your snow blower. Be prepared to handle this bit of extra weight if you haven’t used chains before. 

The design results in chains running at an angle across the wheels. This makes for great traction

They are designed for tires with knobby tread designs only. When installing these, consider taking off the wheel and deflating it slightly while you attach the chains. It makes for a much easier process.

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Arnold 490-241-0028 16-Inch x 4.8-Inch Snow Thrower Tire Chains

Final Thoughts

Innovative manufacturers help consumers make the task of clearing away snow a little less cumbersome. What is the part of using your snow blower that you find the most challenging?

Will a snow blower cab or chain change your experience when outside in the cold? It’s worth a try. You may enjoy your snow blower this winter much more than in previous years!

If you have other tips for our snow blowing community, please share them in the comments section.