The Best Electric Snow Blowers for 2022

There’s a huge debate about which type of snow blower is the best—gas or electric—but know that finding the best electric snow blowers for your needs definitely comes with some perks. And below we want to help you find your winning option.

If you’re comparing electric types to gas powered units, you may see the electric models aren’t the most powerful. However, you’ll be winning in terms of user-friendliness, noise levels, and being kinder to the environment thanks to no billowing fumes.

Best Electric Snow Blowers: Why Listen To Me?

My name is Matthew Brown (the snow blower expert). I own a local landscaping company and have been doing all kinds of outdoor work for over 35 years.

In my downtime, my hobbies even include snow blower restoration. I’ve restored over 80 to date!

No matter what kind of snow blower help you need, you’re in the right place. I’ve created a review of the best snow blowers on the market for this reason. Enjoy and if you need me for anything, feel free to contact me or reply to any page/post and I’ll reply as soon as I can!

Best Electric Snow Blowers Buying Guide

When it comes to electric snow blowers, it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ industry. That’s why you’ll find so many different types on the market and you need to identify which ones work for your unique needs. 

We may label a unit as our number one choice, but it may not be the model that will work best for you. You need insight into the following features in order to shop wisely and make a smart investment. 

Do You Need Electric or Gas Powered?

Do You Need Electric or Gas Powered

There isn’t a clear winner when it comes to picking between an electric snow blower and a gas-powered blower. Each category is appropriate for a certain scenario and buyer. 

Benefits of a Gas Powered Snow Blower

With gas powered snow blowers you’ll enjoy more power. Also, some are two and three stage units that have more effective methods of clearing away snow. This makes them more appropriate for areas with heavy snowfall.

Benefits of an Electric Snow Blower

Electric snow blowers are attractive investments in the following instances:

  • If you want a more eco-friendly way to clear away the snow, without gas fumes that pollute the air. 
  • When you don’t like high maintenance equipment that requires you to empty the gas at the end of the snow season.
  • Households that want to manage their budgets by not having recurring expenses such as fuel top-ups.
  • With many electric blowers being smaller and lighter, they’re ideal when you have limited storage space and want to avoid straining your body while maneuvering large equipment.
  • Anyone looking for a less noisy snow blower than a gas powered one.

Just note that because electric snow blowers aren’t as powerful as gas powered ones, you need to first consider the type of snowfall in your area. If you only need to clear the residue after light to medium snowfalls, an electric blower will suffice. For heavy snowfalls, in most cases, you will need a gas powered machine. 

Which Snow Blower Features Really Matter?

Read through any marketing material on snow blowers and you’ll see the many features manufacturers incorporate into these machines. Some are vital for operation and safety, while others are handy but not essential for anyone shopping on a budget. 

The most important aspects to consider are the following:

  • Does the clearance width and height help you clear away snow in a short amount of time? 
  • Are the wheels appropriate for the terrain you’ll work on?
  • Will the chute rotation be sufficient to easily displace the snow in the right direction? Also, does it discharge it far enough from the machine, so you don’t have to do multiple runs over the same area to clear it of snow?
  • Is the auger design appropriate for the surface you’re clearing? Some have features like rubber coating that protect the metal when you work on hard surfaces. In addition, the auger shouldn’t damage softer surfaces you’re working on, such as your deck.
  • An electric start saves time and effort because you won’t stand in the cold trying to start it by pulling on a cord. 

Are Snow Blower Accessories Really Necessary? 

Various Snow Blower Accessories

When buying your snow blower, don’t forget to also add accessories to your wishlist. You may not use all snow blower accessories on the market, but some of them are very valuable to get the work done swiftly and safely.

Consider the following ones and use our tips to determine which ones to add to your shopping list:

  • LED lights are only necessary if your snow blower doesn’t already have some.
  • A heated handgrip kit is a luxury but can be very helpful and make your work session more comfortable. 
  • A cleanout tool is effective to clear spaces like the chute. It’s also safer than sticking your hand inside the machine. 
  • Covers for snow blowers aren’t necessary, but you’ll extend their lifespan if you protect them from dirt and debris, especially during the months you don’t use them. 
  • Make sure you protect your body against the cold with durable snow blower gloves. 
  • A snow blower cab can help protect you against icy winds.
  • For an electric snow blower, an extension cord is a must-have. You don’t want to assemble your unit and realize the existing cord is just a few inches too short to reach the far end of your driveway.

So, as you can see, picking one of the models below and thinking about accessories is a wise investment. Read on to discover details about them. For even more in-depth information, you can also check out our full snow blower buying guide.

#1 Choice: Best Electric Snow Blowers

Ego Power SNT2102 Snow Blower Review

Best For Light Snowfalls

Your Ego Power+ snow blower gives you impressive power thanks to the combination of not one but two of the brand’s 56V batteries.

It showcases modern features that make the task of clearing snow so much easier.

Things like LED headlights and the ability to control your speed and how far the snow blower projects the snow. 

Ego Power incorporates a brushless motor, which ensures great efficiency.

The unit will last you a long time thanks to steel construction and having an IPX4 weather resistance rating.

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When you’re finished for the day, the components that fold away make storage much easier, so it’s a smart option when you have limited space available in the garage.

Specs and Features

  • Weight: 25lb
  • Dimensions: 45” x 35” x 22”
  • Clearing width: 21” 
  • Clearing height: 8”
  • Type: Battery-powered
  • Number of stages: 1

What People Like

Customers enjoy how easy it is to maneuver such a light electric snow blower, so it’s a winner for anyone who fears straining their back while doing heavy-duty chores.

It’s great to have a quiet machine that doesn’t disturb the neighbors when you work early in the morning. For this of course the integrated headlights are also very handy if it’s still dark outside. 

The innovative technology that enables the batteries to recharge in as little as 30 minutes is a great help. Clients also appreciate the good customer service and warranty cover which have helped them get replacement parts very quickly.

What People Dislike

Although it works effectively on thin layers of snow, some people hoped this snow blower will handle thick snow a bit easier. It takes longer and can drain the battery very quickly, so you may need more than one session before the sidewalk or driveway will be cleared of snow.

This makes it important to consider the types of snowfall your area usually gets. Only buy it for areas with light to medium snowfall.

About Ego Power Tools

Ego Power is all about giving you an eco-friendlier alternative to using gas, while still enjoying immense power. They also do all they can to minimize noise. To achieve this your electric snow blower comes kitted with the latest in innovations, such as their Arc Lithium 56V battery technology. 

The brand has been around since 1993 and you’ll find its products in over 60 countries, selling millions of units a year. This proves they’re of world standard. 

You’ll also appreciate the 5-year warranty Ego Power offers on all their products.

Our Thoughts: Ego Power SNT2102 Snow Blower

For the sake of the planet, it’s always a good idea to add eco-friendly products to your shortlist and this is one of the best electric snow blowers to consider in that regard. As long as its limited clearing width and height suits your needs, this is a smart buy. 

#2 Choice: Best Electric Snow Blowers

Greenworks Pro 80V Snow Blower

Best for Small Driveways

This is another battery-operated electric snow blower, with an 80V rating.

The 2.0 Ah battery will keep running for around 45 minutes before you need to recharge.

Engineers incorporated a brushless motor, which increases the machine’s lifespan, efficiency, run time, and even torque.

This component also guarantees the snowblower will run quietly

The snow blower weighs 33lbs which is still a weight most people can comfortably maneuver.

If you’re concerned about storage space, the collapsible handles help a lot.

The 20” clearing width and 10” clearing depth is very impressive, although much less than what a larger gas-powered snow blower will do. Still, you’ll appreciate the 8” wheels that make for easy-going after a heavier snowfall. You can direct the snow as far as 20 feet away from you.

Specs and Features

  • Weight: 33lb
  • Dimensions: 31” x 21.6” x 37” 
  • Clearing width: 20” 
  • Clearing height: 10”
  • Type: Battery powered
  • Chute rotation: 180°
  • Number of stages: 1

What People Like

Greenworks customers are often surprised at how well this smaller, battery-powered unit handles thicker snow layers, compared to similar models. Some experience it as very similar to a corded electric unit. They also appreciate the fast-charging time of +/-30 minutes and the fact that there’s little to no maintenance necessary. 

What People Dislike

The customer service isn’t always on par, since customers are often advised to visit repair shops, rather than obtain replacements. Clients comment that it’s more effective in powdery snow than wet snow. 

About Greenworks

Greenworks is part of the Globe Group. With a network across the globe, this company can monitor quality throughout its manufacturing processes and supply chains. Their activities include rigorous testing, so there are many reasons you can have peace of mind you’re getting a durable machine

Similar to the brand showcased above, Greenworks as a brand is another entity that looks for greener ways to get things done. It sells a variety of battery-driven snow blowers for customers who want to minimize their carbon footprint

The technology you’ll find with this brand includes impressive batteries, including their commercial types of 82V. 

In addition, Greenworks offers a 4-year warranty cover on most of their products—just another reason you can believe in their quality. 

Our Thoughts: Greenworks 80V Snow Blower

In terms of battery-operated electric snow blowers, this is one of the best ones on the market. It can handle a bit more snow than some similar models, so it will be money well spent if you expect moderate snowfalls. It’s also an easy way to decrease a household’s carbon footprint, something everyone should consider to help save the planet. 

You may find it concerning that some of the manufacturing takes place in China, but the company does have local offices in Europe and the US. It seems they do everything in their power to deliver high-quality goods while being responsible and sustainable.

#3 Choice: Best Electric Snow Blowers

Snow Joe SJ625E Snow Blower

Best Budget-Friendly Option

The Snow Joe SJ625E single-stage, 120V snow blower has a 15-amp motor.

This enables it to move an impressive 800lb of snow a minute and it will propel snow 20ft away via the chute. 

If you need to work in low light conditions, you can switch on the LED lights that come standard.

The snow blower has all-terrain wheels so it’s suitable for most spaces on your premises.

Thanks to the auger design you can use it on areas like decks because it won’t easily scratch the surface you’re clearing.

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Specs and Features

  • Weight: 35.7lb
  • Dimensions: 26.5” x 23” x 42.5”
  • Clearing width: 21” 
  • Clearing height: 12”
  • Type: Electric cord 
  • Chute rotation: 180°
  • Number of stages: 1

What People Like

Customers appreciate that they can get a reasonable amount of power with this electric cord unit, without the need for gas fumes, recurring gas expenses, and high maintenance. 

Users find it comfortably light to maneuver and put in storage, while the size is great for turning in tight spaces. This makes it a practical solution for older individuals, those with small walkways to clear, or anyone using basements for storage because it doesn’t take a lot of effort carrying it around.  

Some clients have been surprised at how well it drives through packed layers often left behind after council clean-ups. You may just have to go a bit slower than usual, but it gets the job done. 

What People Dislike

Some customers have been disappointed by the absence of replacement parts. Also, certain components like bolts and brackets aren’t of the best quality, resulting in damage after only a few uses. Clients also feel the customer service isn’t always up to par.

About the Snow Joe

Snow Joe is the flagship range of a company that creates many types of outdoor equipment, including their Sun Joe and Aqua Joe products. The company has only been around since 2004 but has shown its value over the past few years, which their list of awards is proof of. 

Covering such a large scope of equipment also means they do sufficient research on what it really takes to deliver quality outdoor appliances. 

The brand gives easy access to information such as product manuals and information on genuine replacement parts. This makes maintenance easy. They also give customers peace of mind with a standard 2-year warranty

Our Thoughts: Snow Joe SJ625E Snow Blower

If you don’t want to run the risk of running out of power by using a battery-powered snow blower, this electric blower is an ideal solution. It has extra features like LED lights that make it practical any time of the day and since it comes at a good price point compared to battery-powered appliances, it’s a smart option even when shopping on a budget.

Final Verdict On Our Best Electric Snow Blowers

We’ve shown you battery-powered snow blowers as well as one with an electric cord. Each carries its own benefits, and you’ll be the best judge to determine the best investment for you.

Do you prioritize freedom of movement, in which case a battery-operated one will suffice? Or will you get frustrated waiting for the battery to charge before you can continue?

As long as you follow safety guidelines to keep the electric cord out of the way, the Snow Joe model will do very nicely for most homes in light to moderate snowfall areas. 

No matter which one you pick, enjoy clearing away the snow without too much noise and smelly fumes!