PowerSmart Snow Blower 212cc (PSS1210M) Review 2022

To make your life a little easier this winter the PowerSmart 212cc Snow Blower will help you remove the snow from your driveway. You can use it on both paved and unpaved surfaces. This power machine is designed to throw the snow on the side once the machine has picked it up.

During winter, snowfalls cover most of the walkways and driveways. Clearing the sidewalk from snow is an important task to prevent accidents and will prevent you from getting in trouble in the future. Shoveling the snow is a chore that needs to be done, but doing this can bring injuries and damage to some parts of the body.

If your region often experiences snowfall, it is recommended to invest in a snow blower for your home use. Manufacturers have various models which match the average volume of snow you want to remove. One of the best snow blowers in the market is the PowerSmart 212cc. You can also use it if the area you want to clean is quite large or the amount of snow is too much to clear with a shovel.

This PowerSmart 212cc Snow Blower Review will help you decide if you need one and if it is worth buying.

A Few Words About PowerSmart

PowerSmart Snow Blower Brand
PowerSmart Snow Blowers

Checking the market for snow blowers can be overwhelming due to the multiple brands and models. PowerSmart is a known brand for manufacturing garage tools as well as snow blowers that are high in quality. The brand has few options on snow blower models but is known for larger and more powerful snow blowers which are called two-step snow blowers.

Products from PowerSmart are providing good quality performance without spending a chunk of money. As a homeowner, it is ideal to buy a snow blower to keep driveways clear. Snow blowers from PowerSmart are ideal for average residents in areas that experience snow seasons.

Introducing the PowerSmart Snow Blower 212cc

PowerSmart 212cc Snow Blower

The PowerSmart 212cc can be used to clear 750 pounds of snow in a minute without damaging the pavements.

Its chute is adjustable and can be directed in whichever direction you need a snow pile to be removed.

The heavy-duty machine uses a recoil start and is powered by gas to powerfully handle 12.5 inches deep and throw up to 40 feet away.

Some of its key features are listed below:

Compact and Foldable

Since winter is not a year-round season, the PowerSmart 212cc Snow Blower design is compact and easy to store in cabinets and garages. They are also easy to carry by holding the upper handle.

Adjustable Chute

PowerSmart 212cc has a 180-degree chute and you can change it to where you want to throw the snow. The model’s wheels are created with a zag tread design to assist in moving into different terrains.

Rubber Auger

The model’s rubber auger cuts through the snow which also keeps the snow away from the chute to avoid clogging.

Mitten Grip

To prevent hypothermia, you need gloves when clearing up an area with a snow pile. The model’s mitten-fit grip starts the snow blower easier when wearing mittens.

Shave Plate

As the snow thrower is propelled, the shave plate maintains contact with the surface to keep the snow close for easy discharge.

Other product information is as follows:

  •  Dimensions: 27 x 23 x 21 inches
  •  Weight: 73 pounds
  •  Manufacturer: Amerisun Inc.
  •  Power Source: Gas
  •  Engine Type: 4 Cycle

Likes: PowerSmart Snow Blower 212cc

Easy to assemble and use

Most users recognized the PowerSmart 212cc as easy to assemble and works better than what they had expected. It only needs the attachment of the handle to the top blower. They were able to try it on 2-inch deep snow on a deck and had it cleared for only 10 minutes. Using it on thicker and wet snow may require a couple of passes but will save your body from exhaustion due to shoveling.

Good performance until the next winter

Running the snow blower on thicker snow does not affect the performance of the machine even when used in next year’s winter. For people who have back and walking issues, the snow blower is easy to move around even on inclined surfaces.

Complete guide and information

Instructions are easy to understand and complete with information on technical data, safety information, assembly, operating, maintenance, storage and cleaning, troubleshooting, and a list of the parts.

Dislikes: PowerSmart Snow Blower 212cc

Most people leave with positive reviews but some users were not able to maximize the use of the snow blower. Below are some of the negative PowerSmart 212cc Snow Blower Reviews:

Auger and other Parts Does Not Work

Some said that the machine’s auger does not work even if the unit is brand new. With its wheels not functioning properly, an additional effort should be done in tilting the machine upwards to push the machine using the rear wheels. Some people were not able to move the snow blower as it stuck on everything.

Missing Parts

While most of the negative reviews are about their experience with the product, there are also bad reviews regarding missing parts, defective upon arrival, and poor customer service.

Pros and Cons: PowerSmart Snow Blower 212cc

Snow Blower Pros & Cons

Considering the features of this snow blower brand, it shows that the model is high quality and can provide the expected results on driveways or walkways. However, it still has its pros and cons that may help future buyers if their purchase is worth it.

The cons do not remove the characteristics from the snow blower model, but it shows which items need improvement.

Our Thoughts On The PowerSmart 212cc

PowerSmart 212cc Snow Blowers

Its 212cc engine is the most important feature of the snow blower. With its power, it can clear as much snow as possible. It can be an all-around snow blower, especially for those who experience snowfalls often. With its wide clearance and powerful engine, a big driveway can be finished quickly.

It is easy to use and even first-time users will have no difficulty operating it. The parts design is durable and able to give a quality performance for a long time.

The PowerSmart 212cc Snow Blower is one of the snow blowers that top the market. Usually priced cheaper than the other models, it still provides the result that you will be expecting. Every part of the snow blower serves its purpose – from the engine to the wheels. If you want a machine that clears even thick snow, PowerSmart 212cc Snow Blower is tough and well-designed to provide the performance as you get through the winter and battle heavy snowfalls.

Aside from the PowerSmart 212cc, the have other models as well. You can use those for different purposes. You’ll need a more powerful snow blower for larger areas. There are also small electric snow blowers that can work on small amounts of snow if your area is not experiencing heavy snowfalls during winter.

With PowerSmart offering coverage of a 2-year warranty and unlimited tech support and repairs can be requested easily as well as troubleshooting.

Review and Final Verdict of The PowerSmart Snow Blower 212cc

If you want to be sure that you are getting the most out of your purchase and are looking for a middle-priced snow blower, the PowerSmart 212cc can be a great choice. It can remove a chunk of snow on the driveway, sidewalk, and walkway without getting your back hurt. It also works more efficiently than plowing the snow to clear an area.

Its features bring out the maximum performance of the machine without costing too much. There may be some negative comments from previous buyers or cons on using the machine, but these can be avoided. It is still better to buy than the more expensive ones which provide the same functions.

Since it is lightweight and compact, there are no big issues with going around your property. Proper maintenance and storage will make the snow blower work for more winters to come. Aside from the manufacturer, other service centers cater maintenance of these models.

Overall, the model’s design and features can speak for the performance of the snow blower. The PowerSmart brand itself is recommended for everyone who wanted to use a snow blower in residential or commercial areas where the need for removing snow is high.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

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  • 8 total speeds
  • Wide clearance
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  • 200 degrees turning.
  • 16-inch wheels
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