Snow Joe SJ625E Snow Blower Review: Updated For 2022

Welcome to the Snow Joe SJ625E Snow Blower Review. Seasons change all the time, and alongside the changing offseasons are their own bright and stressful sides. One good example of that is the winter season which a lot of people wait for all year long.

While it brings that perfect sweater weather, it’s also the season of roadblocks, slippery sidewalks, and a thick buildup of snow. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to stay this way.

When it comes to winter’s shoveling season, a snow blower makes things better. With this tool, you can now pave the way to a snow-free road.

In a nutshell, a snow blower is a popular tool, especially for those who live in snow-prone areas or any areas that have snow for that matter. It can already be considered a must-have since it efficiently accomplishes the task much faster than the traditional way, which is by using a shovel.

This article will discuss everything you have to know about the Snow Joe SJ625E Snow Blower and why we think it’s one of the best snow blowers available. If you’re wondering if this blower is for you, or simply curious about its specs and features, then read on!

A Few Words About Snow Joe

Snow Joe SJ625E

Established in 2004, Snow Joe is a company that aims to provide people with various tools and solutions for a better home. Together with other brands such as Auto Joe, Aqua Joe, Power Joe, and even Sun Joe, they continuously strive to develop, design and offer high-quality products and tools for a homeowner’s everyday and seasonal needs.

One of the characteristics that they take pride in is their direct transaction with their customers. For example, despite emergencies and other conflicts, Snow Joe has the ability to deliver it to homeowners for immediate use especially when they need it the most.

In the beginning, Snow Joe’s goal was only to offer winter solutions, but this gradually changed as they continued to improve, expand, and evolve until they started to offer pressure washers, garden tools, and many more.

As for the snow blowers and other tools that they offer, it ranges from rook rakes and brooms, electric lawnmowers, leaf blowers, watering equipment, and many more. In other words, Snow Joe is considered a one-stop shop for your home’s needs regardless of what weather it is. Indeed, every season has a solution.

Snow Joe SJ625E Snow Blower

Snow Joe SJ625E Snow Blower Review

Now that you’ve been introduced to Snow Joe, along with its goals and partner companies, it’s time to talk about the Snow Joe SJ625E. Additionally, now you also know about the benefits of owning a snow blower. With that said, let’s start with its specs and other key features.

As stated and claimed in its product description, the Snow Joe SJ625E Snow Blower was made for everyone’s convenience.

From being a user-friendly machine up to a snow blower that can take on thick buildups of snow, this is the perfect tool to use. It is also proven to clear walkways, driveways, and roads in only a few hours.

For a short physical description, this is a heavy-duty snow blower that relies on gas as its power source.

With a powerful machine and durable blades, it can remove up to 700 lbs of snow every two minutes.

Moreover, another admirable feature it has is that it’s very low maintenance and lasts for a long time. For more of its specs in detail, here’s a short list below.


  •  Amperage: 15 amps
  •  Depth: 40.6 inches
  •  Height: 42.5 inches
  •  Weight: 34.6 lbs
  •  Assembled Width: 23 inches
  •  Auger Height: 8 inches
  •  Chute Rotation Turning Radius: 180 degrees
  •  Clearing Width: 21 inches
  •  Headlights: 3 Watts (LED)
  •  Maximum Extension Cord Length: 100 feet
  •  Gauge: 12 feet
  •  Minimum Extension Gauge (25ft.): 14 feet
  •  Minimum Extension Gauge (50ft.): 14 feet
  •  Tire Height: 8 inches
  •  Rust: resistant
  •  Type: Single-stage Snow Blower Type

Key Features

Aside from the specs mentioned above, there are also a lot of features that make the Snow Joe SJ625E an excellent choice for clearing up the snow around your home. Its key features include the following:

  •  It is ideal for fast and efficient clearing of snow on driveways, walkways, and roads with mid sizes
  •  There is no need for regular maintenance such as gas, oil or any tune-ups
  •  It’s easy to use, especially when starting it is user-friendly
  •  Because of its 3-watt LED light, nighttime clearing is easier and safer to accomplish
  •  It also features a robust 15-amp motor, which makes it capable of clearing up to 800 pounds of snow/minute
  •  The Snow Joe SJ625E also has a steel auger with two rubber-made blades which cuts 21″ wide and 12″ deep, making it capable of crushing snow into chunks before pushing it out of the discharger chute
  •  It has a 180- degrees adjustable directional chute that discharges snow as far as 20 feet
  •  It features adjustable and durable wheels for easy control and steering
  •  Last but not least, it offers a 2-year warranty for any problem that arises while using the machine

Aside from everything stated above, there are more features and specifications of this snow blower. All you have to do is read about it more, or you can figure it out along the way while using it.

Now that we’re finished with its specification and features, let’s move on to the Snow Joe SJ625E Snow Blower Review. This can help you arrive at a decision and hopefully answer any questions that you may have in mind.

Snow Joe SJ625E Snow Blower Review

Pros And Cons: Snow Joe SJ625E Blower

Snow Blower Pros & Cons

Every product has its pros and cons. To start, here is the positive and negative feedback that people experienced while using the snow blower. Not everything is for everyone, and people have different needs and preferences.

Take a look below and see if this snow blower is for you.

Our Thoughts

Snow Joe SJ625E Snow Blower Review

Now that the basic information, features, and even reviews from various customers have been laid out on the table, it’s time to share our own thoughts about the product. The Snow Joe SJ625E is commendable in a number of ways, the first of that is in terms of budget.

Despite being offered at a lower price compared to others, it still does its job in clearing walkways and pathways, as well as crushing thick and large buildups of ice. As for its functionality and service, it does an excellent job regardless of what time of the day you decide to use it. All in all, it’s worth buying and keeping for a long time.

Review & Final Verdict

Out of the many snow blowers offered on the market, this is truly one machine that stands out because it’s true to its claims. Aside from the benefits of owning this machine, it is also worth investing in.

For every penny that you spent for this Snow Joe SJ625E, the quality that it shows you will truly exceed your expectations. With that said, our final verdict is that this snow blower truly is a must-have for every homeowner out there.

Top 3 Recommendations

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  • Wide clearance
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  • 200 degrees turning.
  • 16-inch wheels
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