The Best Single Stage Snow Blowers for 2022

You’ve got your shovel, so do you really need one of the best single stage snow blowers on the market? 

We think so!

Why spend more time outside in the cold than necessary? Single stage snow blowers can help you clear the white away in record time! Also, you’re protecting your body by putting less strain on it compared to lifting the shovel so many times.

Not sure about the expense, handling a hefty machine, and being able to find storage for it? That’s why single stage machines are so popular among homeowners. Designed for smaller properties, single stage units are compact, lightweight, and easy to maneuver.

Their user-friendliness even makes them practical if you need to clear a path multiple times a day because of continuous snowfall. 

Ready to make this winter a more enjoyable one? You do have a variety of options to consider, so use our reviews and our full snow blower buying guide to help you pick out the best single stage snow blower for your home.

Single Stage Snow Blowers Buying Guide for 2022

Single Stage Snow Blower Buying Guide for 2022

Educate yourself about this niche market, so you can make the best, informed decisions when you pick out your equipment. 

Single Stage Snow Blowers Explained: Singe stage vs Two stage vs Three stage

Browse the snow blower market and you’ll come across different types of machines:

  • Single stage snow blowers
  • Two stage snow blowers
  • Three stage snow blowers

A machine’s categorization depends on the mechanism that gathers and then propels snow out and away from the snow blower. 

With single-stage snow blowers, there’s only one auger built into the machine. This will break up the snow as well as push it up and out of the chute. This works well on smaller amounts of snow, but for more heavy-duty work you need a different approach. This is where two-stage and three-stage machines come in.

A two-stage unit has an impeller apart from an auger. The auger may also be larger than the ones you find in single-stage models. This enables the machine to work efficiently even if the snow is deep—up to 12”—and wet. Even if the snow contains ice or is compacted, a two-stage model will work.

Still, some locations receive massive amounts of snow and if the depth is more than 12”—up to 18”—you’ll need a three-stage model. This design adds a secondary auger to the snow blower design, ensuring the machine can move large amounts of snow efficiently. 

You may also need a two-stage or a three-stage model if you work at an incline. Often, these bigger machines are self-propelled, making it much easier to work at an angle. 

Are Single Stage Snow Blowers a Good Investment?

Single Stage Snow Blower a Good Investment

Now, why invest in a single stage snow blower if you can shovel snow yourself? And why not get the bigger, more powerful two stage-model? 

Here’s why many property owners wish they tried out these machines earlier.

Benefits of Single Stage Snow Blowers

Although large scale snow clearing does require bigger machines, for most residential properties you can expect the following benefits when purchasing a snow blower with single stage mechanisms:

  • It saves you time because you get the job done much faster compared to manual shoveling.
  • You can save money if you’ve been paying others to keep your sidewalk or driveway clear.
  • A single-stage model runs more quietly than its larger counterparts.
  • They’re available as gas or electric models, so you can pick a more eco-friendly option if you want to.
  • With a smaller footprint, it’s easier to find storage space for single stage snow blowers
  • A compact design is easy to maneuver with very little strain on your body. Even the elderly—or if you have back problems—can still have an easy solution to clear away the snow.

Who Should Buy Single Stage Snow Blowers?

The different categories of snow blowers cater to different buyers. If the following relates to you, you’ll find a single stage snow blower more than sufficient:

  • Where you live, you only experience light to moderate snowfalls
  • The snow you need to clear isn’t more than 8” deep
  • You will appreciate a light machine to easily maneuver and carry to storage
  • The snow in your area is loose
  • You don’t deal with a lot of wet snow
  • You don’t have to clear snow on inclines
  • The area you need to clear isn’t too big

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Single Stage Snow Blower

Need to Know Before Buying a Snow Blower

A snow blower has many different features to consider, with manufacturers adding unique details on each model. You need to find the one that is most appropriate for your scenario. Apart from picking between single stage, two stage, and three stage blowers, also consider the following when comparing different models:

  • Lights for working when it’s dark
  • Wheels that should be big enough to manage on your property’s terrain
  • Chute design that’s easy to adjust angle and direction
  • Start method
  • Clearing width and height
  • Heated grips for more comfort on freezing cold days
  • Helpful extras like power steering

Best Single Stage Snow Blowers for 2022

Best Single Stage Snow Blowers for 2022

#1 Choice: Best Single Stage Snow Blowers

PowerSmart 212cc Snow Blower

Best For Midsized Driveways

In this PowerSmart 212cc snow blower you get a model that can handle as much as 750lb of snow in a minute.

This diminishes the time you’ll spend outside considerably, compared to doing manual labor with a shovel.

And you can deposit it up to 50ft away, which makes it helpful even when clearing large spaces like a 10-car driveway.

Although the product information says it can handle up to 12” of snow, you may find it’s less efficient with anything deeper than 8”.

You may end up going over sections more than once before the snow is cleared completely. 

It works sufficiently for light snowfall areas and you’ll find it easy to assemble. However, not all parts are of the best quality or design.

For example, some customers have complained that the screws provided aren’t long enough. Test all the components once you assemble them so you can contact customer service if you have a problem. 

Remember, this unit isn’t self-propelled so you need to push to keep the momentum going. Still, many customers using it in snow 4” or 5” deep find it easy and effective. It’s light enough to easily manage and the 21” clearing width helps you get a lot done in a short time. 

The low price point is a winning feature, along with safety features that prevent accidental start-ups.

Specs and Features

  • Weight: 73lb
  • Clearing width: 21” 
  • Clearing height: 12.5”
  • Start type: Electric
  • Power type: Gas
  • Chute rotation: 180°
  • Throwing distance: 40ft

What People Like

Customers appreciate that it’s easy to assemble and that there’s a better option than shoveling snow themselves, without spending too much money or having to buy large machinery. Many older people are especially appreciative of its efficiency without them putting strain on their backs.

What People Dislike

There are customers who aren’t satisfied with the quality of the parts and others miss the self-propelled features of their two- and three-stage machines. But this is to be expected from single-stage models and since it’s lightweight it’s not too much work to push it forward yourself.

About PowerSmart

From PowerSmart you can purchase a variety of garden equipment and power tools—even generators. So you can have peace of mind they’ve done their homework on features consumers need for effortless home maintenance. 

You can contact the brand via phone, email, or online forms, so they do try and be available for their clients. We just wish the customer service is up to standard across the board. Some clients have been very disappointed. 

PowerSmart has been around since 2005, which isn’t very long when compared to some other market leaders. But they have impressed with the range of products they successfully put on the market during the past few years.

They also aim to provide dynamic equipment at affordable prices, making this niche much more accessible to the general consumer shopping on a budget.

Our Thoughts: PowerSmart 212cc Snow Blower

Being a gas-powered unit, this single stage snow blower packs a punch, making it easier for the user to clear away the snow. Thanks to the compact design you can get a powerful unit that won’t take up too much space and it’s an ideal option if you’re tired of shoveling snow and want a faster method.

#2 Choice: Single Stage Snow Blowers

Briggs And Stratton 1022E Snow Blower

Best for Extreme Weather Conditions

This 22” single stage snow blower is also gas-powered, giving you enough power to make the task more effortless.

A 208cc engine delivers 9.5ft of torque. The 3-year warranty, along with the company’s reputation is proof of the quality you’ll invest in.

The company sells units with an electric start or a standard start system.

We suggest you opt for an electric start to spend less time trying to get the machine going, and get the job done quickly. 

Its chute is made of plastic, not metal, but normal for this price range and snow blower category.

You’ll rotate it manually and can turn it up to 200°, giving you outstanding range to collect the snow exactly where you want it, out of the way. The snow can be flung up to 30ft away. 

This Briggs & Stratton model’s 22” clearance width is even better than some others in this category, helping you get the work done faster. You’ll also appreciate the auger design that does propel the machine forward.

Also, the auger is edged with rubber, increasing the probability of clearing the snow right through to the surface you’re working on. You’ll find it works well even in snow deeper than 8”, which not all single-stage models can do. 

A noteworthy feature is that Briggs & Stratton designed the controls rather big. This makes it easy to manage even if you’re wearing bulky gloves in the cold.

Specs and Features

  • Weight: 93lb
  • Clearing width: 22” 
  • Clearing height: 12.5”
  • Start type: Electric available
  • Power type: Gas
  • Chute rotation: 200°
  • Throwing distance: 30ft

What People Like

Customers are impressed with how easy the unit assembles and also that you can get so much power in a single-stage snow blower. They find it easy and comfortable to use on moderate snow. 

What People Dislike

Some customers find it bothersome that the company directs you to authorized dealerships rather than helping you with fixes and replacement parts themselves. This is especially an issue if dealerships aren’t in the client’s immediate vicinity.

About Briggs and Stratton

Just by looking at the brand, you can get peace of mind about making a smart investment. The company, Briggs & Stratton, has been around for over a century, always impressing the market with its quality products. Their area of knowledge includes items like generators and engines, so you can rest assured what’s under the hood is up to standard. 

You may struggle to get in touch with the company itself, but they have dealers all over to assist you with queries. A bonus is repair parts the company manufactures and sells, so you can maintain your new snow blower easily and extend its lifespan.

Our Thoughts: Briggs and Stratton 1022E

To make a smart investment it’s wise to trust reputable brands, which Briggs and Stratton are. We do hope they amend their customer service policies, but this model is a good investment if you know you’ll face up to moderate snowfalls this upcoming winter. You’ll get power and ease of use, without having to buy a bigger two-stage or three-stage model.

#3 Choice: Single Stage Snow Blowers

Snow Joe SJ625E Snow Blower

Best Budget-Friendly Option

If you invest in this 15-amp snow blower you get a powerful electric machine, which makes it the most environmentally friendly option on our list.

Many customers will pick this for its weight of only 35lb.

It makes it very easy to maneuver and a smart choice for older individuals or those who can’t run the risk of straining their backs working with larger appliances.

It’s also a practical option if you need to clear the sidewalk or driveway multiple times a day. It’s much less effort than pushing and handling one of the heavier blowers on our list. 

Read Our Full Snow Joe SJ625E Review

Although not a more powerful gas-powered machine you’ll still be able to clear up to 800lb of snow in a minute. It doesn’t throw the snow as far as other models on our list. However, depending on the layout of your property this doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker. 

For efficiency, there’s an auger with rubber blades. This helps cut through the snow to efficiently clear as much as a 21” wide space.

Specs and Features

  • Weight: 35lb
  • Clearing width: 21” 
  • Clearing height: 12”
  • Start type: Corded electric
  • Chute rotation: 180°
  • Throwing distance: 20ft

What People Like

Customers are impressed with the amount of power they get from this electric snow blower. They find it easy to assemble and are pleasantly surprised by the company’s customer service if something does go wrong with their machines. Clients also love the low-maintenance aspect of an electric snow blower. 

What People Dislike

There is the matter of working with the cord and ensuring it doesn’t get in the way. But one does get used to it over time. Some customers feel there are components from China with questionable quality.

If you’re clearing wet snow you may find it struggles, but you may just need to go slower than usual. Also, remember you can’t use it if a snowstorm leads to a power outage.

About the Snow Joe

Snow Joe is another brand that supplies a variety of machines and appliances to consumers. This includes gardening tools, compressors, lawnmowers, and much more. Researching and manufacturing so many appliances provides them with ample insight into customer needs. 

They’ve been around since 2004 and their Snow Joe range was their first set of appliances, giving them a considerable number of years of experience in this niche. They provide a service to help you find genuine parts, helping you increase your snow blower’s period of use. Their standard 2-year warranty is also impressive.

Our Thoughts: Snow Joe SJ625E Snow Blower

If you want to minimize your carbon footprint but still get some help with clearing away snow this winter, the Snow Joe 15-amp snow blower is a smart choice. It’s also great that the market caters for those who can’t manage heavier appliances. 

Final Thoughts

It’s up to you which single stage snow blower will take up its position on your property this year. Will you use the powerful 212cc snowblower from PowerSmart, or keep your carbon footprint low with the one from Snow Joe?

The choice is yours 🙂

If you’ve read this far and are looking for a little more power, you may want to look at two stage snow blowers. They generally come with additional features, longer shelf life and are typically for those who don’t want to mess around.